Georges St-Pierre to Get Winner of Serra vs. Hughes

GSP will get the winner of the Matt Serra vs. Matt Hughes title fight at UFC 79 on December 29, reports the Canadian Press. The event is nicknamed “Nemesis” due to the two Matt’s dislike for each other, as apparent on the Spike TV reality show The Ultimate Fighter, where the two are coaches.

Will Montreal’s George St-Pierre avenge his title loss to Serra from last April at UFC 69 or will it be Hughes vs. St-Pierre III? Two time welterweight champion Matt Hughes believes Serra got lucky vs. St-Pierre and would lose “nine out of 10 times” against him. In response, Serra says he “can’t stand Matt Hughes” but respects him in the ring.


Are MMA Fighters Climbing the Ranks Too Fast? has a great article comparing mixed martial arts to boxing–no, not which one is better, more popular, will outlast the other, etc…but on how boxers generally have more experience in the ring before they’re thrown into the big matches. For instance, former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir fought twice before entering the UFC. He was 7-1 when he was crowned champ. Georges St-Pierre had a similar ride to the top, being only 7-0 before going up against Matt Hughes for the Welterweight title.